To complement our well-know range of semi- and fully automatic turning lathes which, due to their high output, are primarily used for mass production, we now also build a fully automatic copying machine with sanding attachment, specifically designed tor the economical and efficient production of turnings in small batches.

The machine comes in three versions:

CKE-9 900 mm max. worklength
CKE-15 1500 mm max. worklength
CKE-20 2000 mm max. worklength

The max. work diameter is 250 mm.

The automatic hopper feed unit can be used for squares up to 150 x 150 mm.


The outstanding feature of this machine is that the shape can be reproduced from a simple metal template or a ready turned wood sample eliminating the need for formed tools.

The only tool required is a disk-type milling cutter, remarkable tor its long life.

The sensing of the template or master turning, both for the shaping and sanding operation, is done by hydraulically operated, highly sensitive follower pins.

Another valuable asset is the small amount of time involved in changing the machine over to produce a different workpiece.


lf desired, the machine can be supplied without hopper feed unit or without sanding attachment.

CKE Automatic Copying Machine
with electronic control

mit elektronischer SteuerungKopierautomat CKE
mit elektronischer Steuerung