This fully automatic CNC-controlled hopper-fed production unit has been developed from our successful machine model CKE designed for the production of profiled parts having a round or polygonal cross-section.

Max. working diameter: 300mm
Max. working length: 1500mm
Note: On request working length can be extended.

Automatically feeds pieces: 150x150 mm. Larger blanks can be placed upon the feeding arms manually.

The longitudinal and transverse axes as well as the workpiece spindle are driven by electronically controlled 3-phase servo motors while all other machine movements such as loading, clamping and the plunge-in tool holders are hydraulically operated.

The main cutting tool is a combined set of carbide-tipped disc-type milling cutters, remarkable for their long life.


Moreover this special tool allows machining the workpiece
at a much lower number of revolutions than on conventional turning lathes so that the often feared vibrations of the workpiece are reduced substantially.

Optional sanding belt attachment, pieces leave the machine ready for lacquering or staining without the need
for further preparation.

Owing to the flexibility and ease of operation of the CMC-system, programming the workpiece contours is fast and simple. The relevant data can even be entered or altered while the machine is operating. Since a lot of work programs can simultaneously be stored in the control unit a very fast change-over to another workpiece is possible.

Setting times are reduced to absolute minimums enabling economic production of small batches.

CNC-controlled Multi-function machine
type CN 15

for turning, sanding, shaping, boring, routing, fluting and milling operations (depending on optional equipment)

mit elektronischer SteuerungKopierautomat CKE
mit elektronischer Steuerung