This fully automatic, electronic-hydraulically controlled machine with hopper feed is a newly developed version of our successful Model FQB designed for machining the outside contours of brush backs, chopping boards, cheese boards, trays, and other flat pieces of round, oval or irregular shape.

The machine uses wooden boards roughly cut to size and planed to the required thickness.

A particular advantage offered by this machine is that the cutting can be done with the grain of the wood, thereby ensuring an excellent surface quality and leaving no unfinished ends. This high finish is accomplished by the fact that the shaping operation is carried out by two independently controlled cutters rotating in opposite direction and acting alternately.

The infeed and outfeed of the cutters is facilitated by a special system allowing the working point of the cutters to be modified relative to the axis of the worktable. This feature makes it possible to machine various patterns considerably faster with the corresponding increase in production.


The cutters are  template-controlled. Oil pressure holds the template follower rollers against the preshaped form. The pressure on the form can be regulated so as to ensure that it will be constant throughout, even when intricate shapes are being produced.

The two cutter spindles rotate at 11,000 RPM and are driven by a 7.5 kW motor each, providing the necessary power to cope with the heaviest cuts.
The machine can be fitted optionally with either 20 or 30 mm diameter cutter spindles.

The rotation speed of the hydraulically driven worktable is electronically controlled from the switch console.
In addition, the table can be set to make 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 or 2 revolutions per working cycle, depending on the complexity of the work.

In producing comparatively thin parts up to six blanks can be{ stacked one on top of the other and shaped together in one continuous cycle.
Set-up is facilitated and change-over times are reduced owing to the electronic-hydraulic control system and the improvement of a number of driving and operating elements.

FQBH Automatic Contour Shaper
with rotary worktable

mit elektronischer SteuerungKopierautomat CKE
mit elektronischer Steuerung