This machine is especially famous for:

  • a very favorable relation between price and performance
  • short setting-up times
  • stable and sturdy machinery design to guarantee optimal performance and high quality of products
  • many cutting edges on the milling cutter exerting low cutting force
  • reaching a copying depth from template up to 75 mm i.e. 150 mm in diameter in one pass
  • excellent surface finish even with softwood


  • having a special milling spindle with double clearance-free bearings; milling-cutter rotation: 3500 RPM
  • wear free electronic spindle brake
  • very low downtime for servicing the machineand easy operation
  • Last not least 15 years experience in building milling machines equipped with disc-type milling cutter sold to satisfied customer's worldwide demonstrate our expertise

We reserve the right to amend or modify the design.


Semi-Automatic Copy Lathe
Type HKS

with electronic control

mit elektronischer SteuerungKopierautomat CKE
mit elektronischer Steuerung